The Guadalupe Valley in Mexico

It is always an enchantment for our team, to visit and spend time in the Guadalupe Valley! But actually, the best and easiest way to experience it the 1st time is certainly to take a tour. There is several companies which provides day or week-end trips. We suggest you to go with Baja Winery Tours! Furthermore, it takes only 90 minutes to commute from San Diego! Feel free to contact them on: They have different options which will certainly fit with what you want to do!

Because we spent many week-ends there, we tasted more than 400 different wines. This is why our Guadalupe Valley wines selection, is none as the best. As a result, The Daily Beast and The Los Angeles Times endorsed some of the wine we are currently carrying. In addition to the wineries, there is also many other places to see! Indeed, you should also stop at a cheese store and the wine museum! Therefore you will be able to also experience the Guadalupe Valley soul.

Furthermore, here is below some pictures about our favorites Guadalupe Valley wineries and places.



Guadalupe Valley fermentation tank