About Baja Wine USA

Baja Wine USA is the retail division of Volubilis Imports, Inc. The company was founded in 1992 by its two principles: Youssef Benjelloun and Michael Brown.

The company is dedicated to bringing the finest wines, beers, and spirits from Mexico to the American market. Prior to the arrival of Mexican wines from the Guadalupe Valley, Volubilis Imports Inc was distributing Moroccan, French and Lebanese wines in more than 30 states, thanks to a nationwide network of distributors and regional warehouses. In addition, we offer consumers the option of direct home delivery (where legal), for purchases made direct.

Volubilis Imports specializes in supplying: like the Restaurants, Bars, Wine Clubs, Liquor stores or Wines stores. Most of all, this successful concept, has not only brought exotic “hard to find” wines to America but has also enabled the restaurant owners to enhance their wine selection, in order to match their restaurants’ ethnic theme.

With exclusive distribution rights of distinctive wines from the wine regions of Mexico, Volubilis Imports offers a unique option to wine lovers and restaurant owners across the country, feel free to visit our selection here.


Discover a presentation of Hugo D’Acosta, who is the manager of the VYVA wineries: Aborigen, Casa de Piedra, Contraste, Firmamento, La Borde vielle, La Escuelita and Paralelo: